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Why Neuroscience?

What do the internet, the iPhone, Baileys Irish Cream, and the Sony Walkman have in common? If you said that they each failed in focus groups, or faced fierce criticism at the hands of ‘experts’ upon their release, you’d be right. What history has taught us, is that human behaviour is often irrational and unpredictable. Neuroscience holds the key to going beyond what the consumer ‘thinks’.


At Neuroconsulting Australia, we aren’t limited by traditional, survey-based, approaches. We are of the strong belief that measures that require a conscious response are tainted by biases and falsehoods. Unfortunately, consumers don’t know why they do the things they do, so we use cutting-edge neuroscience technology to tap into the non-conscious.

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Having worked with some of Australia’s leading advertising agencies, in conjunction with the world’s largest brands, we have developed metrics that provide actionable insights. Without asking the consumer a single question, we are able to provide measures of attention, engagement, attitude, and memory. We are also able to leverage other technologies that allow our team to measure arousal and emotion.

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Leveraging the specialist skills of our team, and our technology is incredibly easy. We have streamlined the research processes to allow you quick access to data that you can leverage to improve how consumers interact with, and perceive your brand.

Gain an advantage over your competitors by having one of our experts design a bespoke project that suits your needs. Each project is carefully designed and optimised to ensure robust and actionable insights. Regardless of your industry, we work with you to help you achieve your goals.

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How we use our technology

Attention Research

The past few years have seen interest in attention-based research grow exponentially. Attention is the driving force behind your brand existing in the mind of the consumer, and it being lost amongst the clutter. If the consumer attends to your message, then you begin building mental availability and encourage brand growth. Our technology allows for a standardised measure of attention across all media channels.

Creative Testing Research

What resonates with the consumer? Or what is driving attention? Is it the background music or the inclusion of your logo? Is it the voiceover artist or the actors? Is it the wording? Our technology allows us to collect real-time data as consumers are exposed to your advertising. Collecting over 60,000 samples per second, we are able to understand the nuances that make your ad resonate with the consumer.

Priming & Media Synergy

At Neuroconsulting Australia, we can provide you with the insights you need to understand how the channels you’re using are amplifying your message. Whether you’re planning on using television, radio, or online channels to create different consumer-brand connections, our technology will determine which combination of media channels drive the highest levels of attention, engagement, attitude, or strong memories.
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Dr. Shannon Bosshard

Founder & Managing Director

Having completed a bachelor of psychology and a PhD in psychology, Dr. Bosshard’s interest in non-conscious processing and consumer attitudes drove him to pursue a career in consumer neuroscience. Having entered a commercial setting almost a decade ago, Dr. Bosshard has worked with some of Australia’s biggest media agencies, and some of the world's largest brands across FMCG, banking, automotive, fast food, health, government, and superannuation.

Dr. Bosshard's research has been published in numerous academic and commercial journals, which has seen him become a well-established face within the Australian media scene. Shannon’s research has allowed the radio industry to operate with the ‘attention’ space, an area formally reserved for visual mediums. To date, Shannon has provided world-first insights into the fundamental differences in how the brain processes radio and television advertising, how different channels build brand equity, how audio is a requirement of a long-term branding strategy, and how different creative strategies enhance brand messaging.


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